972 Pine Decisions

Decision Timeline



  • Floor plan and layout


Upon start of framing 

  • Roof Color/shingles

  • Window Color/style

  • Final Siding

  • Front Door Style

  • Backdoor Style

  • Which bathroom are showers vs. tubs


Before Framing is Finished (or right when it’s finished)

  • Plumbing Fixtures Picked

    • Body sprays, rain shower, etc. and what company for the rough ins

    • Bathroom decisions must be made

  • Low-Voltage

    • Speakers, tvs, cameras, etc

  • Lighting

    • Know where chandeliers  vs. cans are going

    • Know bathroom lights, chandeliers, one bar lights, sconces


When Framing is Finish

  • Know where all light switches are going.

  • Meet with HVAC Installer for options

  • Insulation Type

  • Hardwood flooring type and carpet location

  • Kitchen cabinet design and look as well as appliances (granite too if you want to)

    • Low voltage under cabinet lighting

  • Bathroom vanities

  • Meet with Lighting supplier to discuss options

  • Pick out patio pavers/ stone ** dependent on start date

    • This may be done later, but could be done sooner

  • Landscaping

    • We need to figure out exactly what the plan is for this ** dependent on start date


After insulation/start of drywall

  • Tile selection and pattern designs

  • Trim selection, base boards, casing, crown  – including mantles.

  • Interior Door Selection – Hinge selection

    • Door Handle Selection

  • Stair railing, newel posts,  and spindles


After Drywall is complete:

  • Paint colors

  • Floor Stain Color

  • Granite selections


After Paint is Complete

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • Carpet

  • Bathroom hardware (towel bars etc)

  • House Numbers

  • Mailbox